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The Made in DC program supports and promotes District makers. Enroll today and join a vibrant and creative business community.

Made in DC is a DC government program and certification operated by the Department of Small & Local Business Development. By applicable law, the Department will ask you to submit information to verify the following four criteria:

  1. Is your primary office/business located within the District of Columbia?
  2. Do you possess a current and active DC business license?
  3. Do you certify that either the majority owners are District residents or 51% or more of your employees are District residents?
  4. Can you certify that 51% of your product is designed, produced, assembled, or manufactured through a process involving intellectual property, ingredients, raw materials, or other components derived from the District of Columbia?

Why Join?

With our membership you will receive a profile on our website, access to technical assistance, workshops and trainings, and networking opportunities, and permission to utilize the Made in DC logo.

Some key initiatives of the program:

Have more questions? Send an email to or call (202) 727-3900.

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