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Our Mission

The Made in DC Program was established in 2016 to capture, highlight and promote the intellectual and creative genius of DC’s local maker community.

Made in DC is a program of the DC Department of Small and Local Business Development which aims to support and promote businesses that design, make, produce, and/or assemble products in the District of Columbia. As a response to the momentum and growth of the maker and creative economy in Washington, DC, Made in DC functions as a citywide campaign and platform to create opportunity for maker businesses. Made in DC brings businesses together for resource and experience sharing, as well as function as a conduit and messenger between makers and local government.

The Made in DC Program promotes Member products, makers, and events across the District, and provide exposure to vital business development resources. Opportunities for capacity building workshops, networking, and resource-sharing are also provided to members. There is no cost to enroll in the Made in DC program. Made in DC enrollment is valid for three (3) years.

Made in DC Enrollment Criteria

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